Always interesting, always challenging

The software development industry is fast-paced and technological change is a constant – we all know that. But at Red Cypress we aim to do more than just keep up.  Our clients expect us to be ahead of the game, and that means teams have to be nimble, always building familiarity with the latest software tools, methodologies and processes. Don’t expect an easy ride, but you’ll never be bored.

We’ll help you grow too

Red Cypress rewards competitively – we know our people are our greatest asset. Our people grow via many means – visiting partner offices, attending international conferences, and keeping up technical exposure and professional development. There are also mentorship and coaching programs, where senior people mentor and coach junior people, which is a win-win for everyone’s personal growth.

People love it here

Where we spend our time affects our mood, our health and the amount of great work we can do.  So at Red Cypress, we have sneakily put together a working environment that people just love to be part of. Hours, dress code and rules generally are comfortable, and the ingenious layout makes it easy to get together and collaborate. Everyone knows everyone as more than colleagues.


Game Server Developer

In this role, you will be tasked with developing world class software for PC, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms…


Web Developer

As a Web Developer, you need to have the flexibility to develop and maintain the web applications/systems…


Software Test Engineer

As a Software Test Engineer you will be responsible for specifying, developing, and maintaining test automation tools…